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what does 'imasen' mean? does that have a meaning at all?

I think it is supposed to mean 'no one' in Japanese, please clarify for me, and if it's not, what is the correct word for 'no one' that sounds most like 'imasen'?

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examples includes "ih-mah-sehn":-

  • Tah-roh wah ih-eh nih ih-mah-sehn.

(Tah-roh is not home.)

  • Jih-roh wah eh-kih nih ih-mah-sehn.

(Jih-roh is not in the station.)

  • Chih-chih wah ih-mah-sehn.

(My father is not home/here/there.


I don't have father.


My father died.)

  • Koh-doh-moh wah ih-mah-sehm.

(My/our son/daughter is out.


I/We don't have a child.)

"no one":-

We don't have just the equivalent word in Japanese and must express with a group of several words.

I find no one in the room.

No one is in the room.

(Dah-reh moh heh-yah nih ih-mah-sehn.

No one is of Asia.

(Ah-jih-ah shuhsshihn wah dah-reh moh ih-mah-sehn.))