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simplification with an answer need to know how to make the common dominotor?

x over 3 + 7x over 9 - 7x over 18

answer is 11x over 18

can u explain please

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7x/18 is the simplest version of this fraction as there is no number that divides into both 7 & 18 withouth leaving decimal answers so to add all 3 fractions you must get them all over a denominator of 18

7x/9=14x/18 (multiply top and bottom by 2)

x/3=6x/18 (multiply top and bottom by 6)


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x/3 +7x/9 - 7x/18

Multiply x/3 by 6(both the denominator and the numerator) to get 6x/18

Multiply 7x/9 by 2 (both the denominator and the numerator) to get 14x/18

6x/18 +14x/18 - 7x/18 = 13x/18 so maybe your answer is wrong?