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random personality change?

i don't even know how to describe what happened. So I'm just going to start from the beginning. Although i think this is unrelated, last weekend i was basically drunk/high 50% of the weekend. On sunday was my comedown day and everything was fine that day, didnt even have a hangover or anything. Now my personality is that im usually quiet seclusive, comment on almost nothing in school. But ever since monday i've just been the complete opposite. Ive been more outgoing, a bit more outrageous, and even funny. its totally not like me! I just feel better for no reason. But sometimes during this week i would just clamp up and not talk to anyone. Worse than my original personality. Like today, i got pretty angry for no reason for about an hour, and then an hour later i was back to feeling hella happy. I just dont know whats going on. Im less nervous, and everything. Most of its positive, but whats triggered this, and should i even be worried/ so confused still.

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how old are you? When I was around 20-22 i felt like this too. But the opposite would also happen. sometimes i felt so great, other times I felt just bad. Wait a week or too and try to observe how you act sometimes. Smoking weed is a drug, and it can really mess with your brain, especially when you are young adult. Your mind is still growing