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some science questions?

can you complete the sentence and answer the question?

During the totality part of the solar eclipse, the sky is not completely dark because____________

The reason for the crescent shape of the moon each month has to do with the ________________

The tail os a comet is evidence of____________________

How far away is the sun?

During a solar eclipse, the background stars are those of constellations_______________________

A feature of the sky of great interest to astrologers and least interest to astronomers is_________

please help answering these, even if you dont know all of them!

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1) I think it is the solar corona

2) the earth's shadow on the moon

3) that the comet isn't a solid chunk of rock and that it has some form of liquid (possibly water ice) that is boiling off

4) about 93,000,000 miles or about 8 light minutes

5) that are normally hidden by daylight

6) constellations