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Which is correct????????

In your answer tell me which is true for you/which one you think is correct:


Elementry is K-5

Middle is 6,7,8th

High School: 9,10,11,12th


Elementry: K-5

High school: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12th

Where i am it is A.... i am so curious about this!

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haha. none of the above =P

where I am it's

Elementary - Grades K-6

Junior High (middle school) - 7-9

High School- 10-12

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Mines was

Elem: K-4

Middle: 5-8

High school: 9-12

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it's A for me. i've never seen any thing like B.

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I think A is most normal where I live, however nearby my hometown they do k-6 elementary 7-12 high... I think it depends on the size of the district- if there is enough students/taxpayers to support a middle school then they will have one, otherwise they have only the two types.