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What exactly does a Certified Nurses Aid do?

I'm going to be graduating next May with my associate degree in early childhood education. I'm 23 and have been working at a daycare for 6 years and I am currently the head of one of the preschool groups. I love, ADORE, working with children but theres no money in the field. I love what I do - but I need to make more money, and I'd like to have something to fall back on in the event that my dreams dont go as planned (my dream is to have a home daycare. I own a condo right now and can not have a daycare here..no yard, etc..)

I've never even considered the medical field until recently when my aunt was talking about how theres a tun of positions for a nurses aid at the hospital where she works. I wanted to do a little more research and find out just what a Nurses Aid is responsible for...

I'm not the type that would be able to stomach giving needles. I do okay with a little bit of blood and I'm hoping that I can just suck it up and deal with whatever I'd have to do (as far as bodily fluid goes..I have a weak stomach but its getting better as I get older..).

Do nurses aids work in dr's offices? I'm thinking that a pediatric office would be a great place for me to go. Is a nurses aid the one that originally brings you into the room and takes your temp and all that?

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