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Einstein relativity question?

It's so plain. I mean Who did Einstein think didn't know that it takes longer to reach a certain distance if your traveling slow or it will take no time at all if you travel at light speed?

My second question is how can Einstein just assume that just because your traveling at light speed that you are traveling back in time?

I don't get it.

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It was actually Lorentz, while Einstein was still in diapers, who proposed the time dilation theory.

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You certainly don't get it. None of the assertions you made is correct.

I suggest you read up on the special theory of relativity, learn what it's really all about, and then come back to us later if you still have questions.

Start with "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene, who spends time on both relativities and how they tie in with all the known laws of nature including time travel laws.