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What are your thoughts on the Mining tax in Australia?

I am currently studying the Mining Tax in Australia and would like to know what you thoughts are on the following few questions. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Do you believe that it is fair to tax only Mining Companies?

Why does the Government want to impose the Mining Tax? (i.e. will this help the Government get back into surplus?)

What would you change if you had the choice, on the Mining Tax?


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It is both unethical and uneconomical.

It is unethical because if person A takes the property of person B without B's consent by threatening to lock him in a cage, that is unethical. It is also unethical because there's no reason why mining companies should be unequally singled out and targeted for taxation. It is also unethical because the reason the government wants it is to pay for its own utter waste of zillions of dollars of money.

The moral thing to do would be for the government, finding itself financially embarrassed by its own childish behaviour, to cut its spending on wasteful, divisive activities, of which it has more than enough to choose from. It is unethical to argue that it would benefit the public, because it's private property. To say the minerals are public property is nonsense. They don't want a share of the unexplored, unmined, untransported, unsold minerals. They want to expropriate the fruits of other people's hard work and risk and they have no moral right to.

It is not as though the money would benefit the public if spent by the government, and would not benefit the public if spent by its rightful owners. The fact is, it benefits the public more if it's spent by its rightful owners because unlike the government, they will take care to get value for money, not just piiss it up the wall in a crazy spendathon with no responsibility.