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if the S.F zoo tiger wasn't killed, what would have been its fate?

if the zoo tiger that killed 1 man and mauled 2 other men, was tranquilized with a dart and later put into a secure cage, what would have been its fate now?

i think he would have been shipped back to the jungles of india or china, because he proved to be a killer tiger?

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The tiger was a she, not a he.

And why would you let a tiger that has been known to attack humans just run free? Tigers have a large range, even in the deepest jungle, so odds are she would have come in contact with humans again at some point - and having once been captive, she might not know how to survive in the wild anymore. (She was a Sumatran tiger, and Sumatra is an island, so conflict would be likely.) So it would be a death sentence for both the tiger and whoever she came in contact with - not the most brilliant or humane plan.

If she hadn't been killed at the scene, she probably would have been put down later anyway, in the interest of public safety. If she was lucky, and animal rescue group might have stepped in to offer her a secure cage somewhere, but there are few resources for an unusually powerful and cunning tiger who has attacked humans.

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The tiger didn't need to kill and maul 2 others to become a killer tiger, every one of those tigers in that zoo would kill if it was allowed to escape.

I think they would had put the animal back in its habitat, obviously after doubling the size of the fence and extending the moat, like it should had been in the first place.

This tiger is not wild enough to survive in the wild, and is probably too old to put it through a program to learn how to.

The tiger didn't do anything but what a tiger naturally does ad that is attack when feeling threatened...in this case Ithink it felt that it's habitat was threatened.

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I think that the poor creature would have been kept in a cage and just fed, but largely ignored other than to perhaps allow the boffins to study stress on a creature like that. It is better off dead. I am immensely sorry for the people hurt and the one killed and their family. But I am also really saddened that this poor creature was somehow able to get out and cause the harm that caused its death.

Sad all up really.