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Life of Death Situation. 10 points!?

Right now i work in Ernst and Young..the people i work with are absolutely terrible.

Ive been here for over 2 years.

And i'm unhappy with the the immediate people i work with..there is no proper work ethic and everybody is always yelling and swearing and its terrible and i cry so many times and lately it has really been heating up and i feel like someone is strangling me

However, i really enjoy the people who are here..ie apart from the team i work with everybody else is really nice and i like them and i dont know if im ready to leave them behind and move on to a new place..

Most of these friends are also unhappy wit their teams and the only time we enjoy is when we are all together

This is a three year internship..i have about 6 months left

Should I leave this place?

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I think you should leave this place.