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Why are nerds portrayed as a bad thing?

Nerds get looked down upon and made fun of in the youth social environment. In TV they are portrayed as weirdos and uncool people which adds to why they are looked down upon. But the people who make fun of them don't realize that there precious ipods, internet, cell phone, games, calculators, and other electronic "necessities" have had nerds included in their creation (programming, techinal design, etc).

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Being a nerd is getting cooler these days, even if people don't realise they're nerds. Ipods, the Internet, computer and console games are all playthings of the nerd. In any case, nerds often look down on non-nerds, also. It's just humans not understanding each other. The 'jock' personality type is popular because sport leads to physical fitness, i.e. strength and in some, good looks, which gives them popularity with the opposite sex and dominance over the same sex. Jocks don't understand and therefore don't like nerds, hence, nerds got to be the unpopular crowd.

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I love nerds. I, too, am a nerd to an extent and so is my fiance. There are many different sub-types of nerdom. Just don't be the creepy subtype and yous hould be alright. It's nice to have intelligent conversations! and people who have no idea what hte mainstram cool is, are the coolest of all.