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Have I figured out women? Is this the dating key every guy has been looking for?

My little theory must be true because the last time I said this I got no arguments from women.

GUYS: The Key to women

A lot of guys get stuck in the "friend zone" with women they like and are often confused about why some men get to date a woman and some are just friends.

I have recently figured out the difference between the lover and the friend. Basically it is this:

The Lover will only stick around provided the woman is willing to sleep with him (and she knows this). The FRIEND will stick around no matter what in hopes of getting sex later (and she knows this). So she never gives the FRIEND sex because she doesn't have to in order to keep him.

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I don’t understand why two consenting people can’t enjoy sex without there being some kind of alteria motive? Or why a woman and a man can’t be friends just because they enjoy each others company. I don’t understand this logic, what kind of crazy mixed up world are you living in? You seem to have a problem with lumping many people into one category. Why not work on your interpersonal skills and maybe your sex life will pick up a little. Because seriously that's all that your question seems to be about. Your sex life (or lack there of).

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if you like a girl ask her for a date and take it from there! and there is no key to a woman. there is a key to men though, give them beer,food, and sex and they will love you.

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That's pathetic. Is that really what you think of men and women? That men are so shallow that they can't view women as anything more than animated sex toys? That women actually hate sex so much that we'll only dish it out as some sort of prize for sticking around us, and that we're so lonely we'd willingly put up with that sort of low opinion from the men in our lives? That's just so freakin' sad.