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My son swears this is true...?

Bears put rocks up their butt before they hybernate so they don't poop.

He SWEARS he read that in a zoo book.

I have my doubts.


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LMAO OMG Tray: Your son is so funny. I know I won't get credit for this but. Bears don't have thumbs. I'm still laughing I would love to meet the two of you. Boy I'm glade that I'm setting down roflmao on i just hit the floor laughing OMG that is the funny est thing I heard all year. Give you son credit for this one

Reference: I commonsense study zoology in school

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lol. No absolutely not true at all.

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If I heard correctly, they eat lots of fibers and such, no rocks. It makes a kind of plug, but yeah, the general idea is right.