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Scared of.......math?!?

This is so crazy and I feel like a weirdo...but I'm scared of math! I used to be so good but when I got to like 11th grade I got scared because it got harder and im a perfectionist so I try my hardest to get the answers right and I have a tutor. I'm still not getting it! I'm A student but the math has brought my grade down. Im so stressed and scared. I get an anxiety attack when my teacher comes into the room because im so scared to learn something else and I know that I'm going to fail at it. My hands get sweaty. I wanna cry and then if she calls on me, I turn so red and I just start stuttering because I dont know the answer. Its taking over my life really because its all I think about and I'm dreading going back to school in a few weeks. Im so scared....help me whats my problem!?!

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dont panic alright, relaz and be confident. dont be scared alright.

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sounds like you got math phobia .. lol .. but just tell your teacher whats going on .. ask her/ him for help, after all they ear getting PAID for answering questions .. and study for about 15 minutes every night so you don't overload yourself the night before a big test