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Money Issues HELP Please?

I'm 15 and where I live there are no jobs that will hire someone my age available.

So does anyone have any ideas on how a 15 year old can earn some $$$ FAST(preferably)

NOTE: do NOT give me an online deal or suggest pet sitting.....I see those two WAY too much

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If you're 15, unfortunately the only way you're going to get a job is through someone you know. Actually right now that's the only way people are getting jobs.

I mean you're 15, you seem really young so you'll need someone to vouch for you regardless.

My advice to you would be to hit up all your friends and relatives for jobs. Almost every girl I knew when I was 15 babysat. All the other ones either worked for their parents or were life guards. Noone 15 or younger had like restaurant jobs or anything like that. All of them got jobs through people who they know.

I'll tell you all the jobs I had throughout high school too and how I got them.

14 years old- Building Clocks at mom's friend's husband's garage clock factory- my mom

15 years old- Mowing lawns- My neighbors

15 years old 18 years old- Renting out dockspace and small boats at a marina - my friend david

My sisters all got jobs this way too, mostly babysitting jobs for my mom's friends. One of my sisters got a job at Panara Bread through a friend and then at this other Cafe through a girl she worked with.

So, let everyone you know know that you're looking for work doing ANYTHING. SERIOUSLY ANYONE AND EVERYTHING! Don't be embarassed either, they'll be really impressed that you're taking such initiative! (Be sure to ask extremely politely though!)