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Is an egg really an actual cell?

So in my honors biology class, we're learning about cells. We did this experiment today with eggs where my teacher dissolved the shells in vinegar, leaving the membrane. We put them in corn syrup and on Monday the egg should be all shriveled up because of osmosis or diffusion. But she told us something about an egg being a cell, with the shell being the cell wall, the membrane being the cell membrane, the white part being the cytoplasm, and the yolk is the nucleus. The thing is I couldn't tell if she was serious about an egg being a cell or if it is just for visualization. I'm fairly sure it's for visualization,but I really am not sure. I was going to ask her but I forgot. Someone please clear this up for me!

I feel really stupid for asking this,because it seems like a dumb question, but she sounded so serious about it and I don't remember hearing her say it was for visualization purposes,but then I remember that all cells, to my knowledge, are very small.

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