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is it normal for me to hear ringing in my ears?

I'm on Vyvance to help my ADD and yesterday my dad woke me up at 8am to take it for the 1st time...so i went back to sleep...about an hour later i woke up and hear like ringing in my ears for like 5 minutes then it went away..then a few hours later it felt like my right ear lost it's hearing for like 10 seconds..it kind of felt like it got pluged and then rang really loud and then stoped...is this typical or should i be worried?

i took it again today and no ringing in my ears...just the 2 side effects i had yesterday are still here now...dry mouth and decreased appitite

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you should talk to your dr. ASAP

it could be a side effect of the drug and...

sometimes ringing of the ears is permanent.

i have it, and it sux.

so, don't wait, act now. call the DR