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What factors have caused the racial education gap in America?

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The break down of the familly structure is one of the most comon reasons, In this country it is also ethnic and cultural backround and beliefs. This is not just a black and white issue. All minorities have been descriminated in the past as far back as histoy goes. It seems that in some citys its worse than others. People who try and dont succeed , Quit. They become complacent and pass this off to their offspring making this to look like a value but really its an excuse for their position. Urban decay and familly values cause the bigest failure in our socity . In rural (not big citys) areas we have seen a great advancement toward educational balance and there is so much effort towards that same balance in the cities But because of the compacted ethnic and cultural differences Chang takes time . I think you will find that every year the numbers of blacks going to collage are growing as well as many other minorities . The answer to your question is, It takes a village to raise a child. But the village has to care and work together and promote higher standards. We are what we live.

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The welfare system ! By separating men from their wives /girlfriends and children thus causing the total breakdown of the family unit .