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Which telescope should I buy?

I am looking for a telescope to buy for my sister-in-law (early twenties). It would be for pleasure and both her and I are novices so I have absolutley no idea where to start. Price range would be 75-150$. Thanks

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Geoff and Bob are on the money. Take their advice.

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I recomend that you save your money until you can get a scope that is better.

For now, spend your money on a membership to an astronomy club or astronomical society in your area. You will get far more out of that than a cheap telescope. Most clubs have presentations and loaner scopes plus you can attend their star parties and try out several types of scopes before you buy one. You will meet a lot of really nice people who will help you out with chosing and using your new scope once you do purchase one. An added benefit from one gal to another---most of these club members are men and it is a great way to meet single men who actually have brains and good jobs and who care about things other than themselves. It is a great way to get your hiney off of the couch, learn something, and meet new friends. Added hint---take cookies to star parties and you will be their favorite person in the whole wide world!

If you insist on buying a scope now go to Orion. They have the best quality for your money.


Best wishes to you and your sis.