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Why are more people claiming smoking weed helps their medical issues?

In the passed several years I've been meeting more and more people who talk about smoking weed helping them with medical issues. Why is this? Is it that it's been hyped? Are more people smoking weed?

I don't understand why so many people have been saying they use it for medical purposes. Is it more right to smoke for medical reasons than to smoke for recreation? Is that why?

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Weed can help with pain (well the THC in marijuana can). In glaucoma patients, it relives the pressure building up behind the eyes. In cancer patients it helps cope with chemotherapy and pain. It has no proven medical benefits other than being a pain reliever. It does not regrow brain cells, cure cancer, or any of that nonsense. None of that has been proven in humans, and the people who preach that are asshats. Plus the smoking of the weed is bad for your lungs.