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How does water and dissolved minerals are taken into plants and transported around plants?

Explain shortly, thanks!!!

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The dissolved minerals are in ionic forms and the root hairs of the plants are able to absorb the ions and the water through them. Once these are inside the plant body they are translocated through the xylem tissue throughout the plant body.

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As already given by the first respondent, water and minerals are transported via the xylem tissues. The movement is created by water evaporating from the leaf stomata (small opening in the epidermis) and pulling the water column up the length of the plant. When the stomata are closed very little transport is occurring.

Reference: Biology instructor for 40 years

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Water and mineral salts r absorbed by the root hair cells of plant.

They are transported by the xylem vessel in plant..


I m sure abt the answer but plz confirm the answer from ur teacher etc.