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Has anyone heard of a racist black woman?

I have and what I am about to tell you will shock you. I am Somali and this person who up until now was a regular friend got out of line and she wasn't too drunk after her, her 2 friends, my 2 friends and I came from nice Drink Club. At the club her friend wanted me badly and I lost all sexual desire after she opened her mouth about African Americans. This woman started telling everyone "I saw black crack heads driving his car" I told her "What makes you think they are crack heads. The only african americans that drove me in my own car was the caretaker of my apartment who I knew enough to trust well because he has a daughter and a wife and is a responsible guy. I told her, didn't you ever read a hadith that talks about "Stay out of that which does not concern you"? I told her even if they were crackheads I ain't scared of them because I got mace and other tools. Then she said

"You don't have nothing" Then my friend told her "He turned down a job offer from the state, an armed correctional officer job". She still didn't believe and then I told her, a correctional officer can't associate with someone that does crack nor can he associate with someone that is presently incarcerated because it becomes a conflict of interest.

I also told her, You don't even know me or who I am well, I know that you were going to Gustafson Adolphus college in Mankato and you told me you got your bachelors from there but I am surprised that someone with a bachelors degree can be stereotypical of me and african americans. Just because you got soft hair doesn't mean that you are better than african americans. You both came from the same land and you remind me of a cowboy that didn't believe he was black who saw on Maury or some daytime show a long time ago.

I usually can't help resist a one night stand but that night I left the apartment so I couldn't see her face anymore but before I left I told "I remember the time you and your friend were in the Rav4 and you saw me with the african american man driving my car and I wonder if your guy friend told you something to change your frame of mind because I don't remember you like this the last time and this alcohol you drank tonight made you confident enough to show who you really are because I know alcohol makes people overconfident. When you are sober tomorrow I hope you remember all of this tonight and that when I see you in the street I will either turn my back or cross the street.

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lmao....i live in the ghetto.....or so like " Detroit" .......most of them are friendly but...most of them have a short temper.. it'll only take one little thing to tick em off..... but yea... ive seen racist blk women and males.... all ages..... espi little kids... they'll always would say something racist like....." u ***** chinese mother fawker go back to ur country " yea and some other stuff but oh well....most blk folks are stupid.,.......but not all of them

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Yes, I have known a few and know of several others. Heck, one is about to be First Lady of the United States.