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Learning a new language, specifically Korean & Spanish?

I travel down to Central America alot. Mexico. Argentina. And I've finally decided to take the initiative to learn spanish.

My mom is Korean, and both of my parents speak Korean very well, (and for some reason they didn't teach me) I know, I could have learned so easy.. But they didn't teach me...

So I've got two languages that I really want to learn.

Should I just take a class for high school? I know It's required, but for some reason I don't think school will teach me as efficiently and well as I want to learn.

I've heard of those programs that "are the fastest ways to learn a new language" ... Have you used one of them? Do they really work? Aren't they quite expensive?

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any tips, suggestions ect... I would love to hear them.

And of course I'm willing to really spend time, and learn it. I will be able to speak Korean with my parents so I'll have good practice... And I have a couple of friends who speak Spanish.

So I'll work hard.

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Hm. I've tried Rosetta and Pimsleur... for Indonesian. They're OK. I got bored with it really quickly though :/

However, I really don't think the question is whether these programs work or not. Whether or not the programs work is wholly dependent upon the learner. You need a lot of self-discipline (of which I don't have enough, evidently).

Also, in my opinion, learning a language on one's own is really for those who've already gone through the process of learning an additional language -- those who already how they learn best and know of the many frustrations that lay ahead.

Anyway... I'd recommend you take a class. Nothing beats a classroom environment, especially if you've got a teacher who'll stress a no-English rule. Yep. It's also just nice to have an actual person there who can provide you with good answers to the many questions that will arise... and who'll give you plenty of homework! Homework is good :)