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Why should religion be eliminated from marriages?

I'm writing an essay in my Writing 122 course arguing that religion should be removed from marriages in the US because it would decrease divorce rates and (for once) completely separate church and state in that aspect. Are there any suggested sources I should use to find some solid statistical evidence? Does anyone have any counterarguments I need to address? Are there any other ideas for improving my argument and making it more supported? Anything is helpful...thanks.

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A marriage should be made in the social environment of the couple getting wed. If they are members of a church then it is natural for them to marry within the framework of their belief structure, with fellow believers in support.

As we do not have a strong religious belief, we enjoyed a civil ceremony in the company of friends and relatives. It does not seem right to attend church only for weddings and funerals, others won't agree but to me it is not a sincere way to start the committed relationship which is marriage. A promise is a promise whether you make it in a church or not.

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I would not write such a paper. Curses be on you from the Man above. You never mess with God.