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what are the procedures to become a cardiologist?

I am currently studying in high school and i wish to study cardiology. i am very good at science, usually get A grades. but i actually dont know what i have to study first and then what. i read answers to some other questions which suggest that cardiology only comes after the basic medical school education.

my question is what should i do after high school? i mean what is the procedure? where do i go after high school? i am a non us resident and if someone could help me about where i should go in us coz i am going to do SAT as a graduate degree. I cant afford the colleges in us but i am very good in academics and a good sportsman and i heared that these qualities can help you get financial aid or scholarship. detailed answers will be appreciated. thank you

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1] take all the sciences you can in high school - biology, chemiastry, physics, and calculus

2] 4 years of college - you must take a full year [ 2 semseters each ] of bio, chem, physics, inorganic chem [ all with labs ], calculus, and English

3] while a junior, you take MCATS [ which have all the above sciences on them ]

4] then 4 years of med school - very expensive!

5] 3 years internal medicine residency

6] 2 more years cardiology fellowship

So, about 13 years.

Reference: RN [ and a litle research ]