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Who can help me out with this crazy math lesson?

Tina lost 3 pounds on the first week of her diet.She gained a pound on the second week, & then lost 2 pounds a week during every week afterwards. She has been dieting for a total of 13 weeks. How many pounds has Tina lost? What would be the best way to solve this?

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(-3) + (1) + = -2 or ....2 pounds lost for the first 2 weeks

So for the rest of the 11 days she lost 2 pounds....2*11 = 22 pounds

now add the 2 pounds she lost to this total for 24 pounds all together

good for her.

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She lost 3 pounds on her first week. Then gained one pound on her second, so after 2 weeks, she has lost a total of 2 pounds.

After the first two weeks, there are 11 weeks left in the diet. If she loses 2 pounds each week for 11 weeks, that means she loses a total of 2*11 or 22 pounds.

Add those together and she lost a total of 24 pounds across all 13 weeks.