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Lytic & Lysogenic Cycle-- Homework Questions?

I'm in Biology, I have three Biology textbooks in front of me but none of these have the answers to the remaining questions on my homework tonight. I can't find these anywhere on the internet! Anyone good at Bio and willing to help? Please answer as many as you can. I'd appreciate it SO MUCH!


  1. How is the viral nucleic acid core different from the nucleic acid of the bacterial host?

  2. What must happen in order for a virus to attach to the host cell?

(I'm pretty sure I'm thinking too hard for this one ^)

  1. Why would bacteriophage not be able to enter just any type of cell?


  1. How does the lysogenic cycle change to the lytic cycle?

  2. What part of the lysogenic cycle is the lytic cycle?

  3. What are examples of viruses that go through lysogenic cycles?

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