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do you think there should be an option to flag answerer's?

as untrustable / idiots / brainless that carries with them from answer to answer?

So that way we (the people who ask questions) can more readily set a limit of the credibility to those that answer our questions.

I am so tired of the 'copy and pasters' wikipedia quoters who think that wikipedia is the only credible source of info (it's not. its rife with errors and opinion)

And the schmucks with persistent dumb off topic or completely brainless responses.

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I must agree with you on every count. Though this site is supposed to help share knowledge, what we get more often than not, are opininons unsupported by any logic or reasoning{there is a difference, you know}.In order to make flippant answwers unwelcme to serious discussion, it may be a good idea to devise a scale of acceptance by making suitable symbols. Many thanks

Reference: far too many stupid responses, sorry!