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Whats the best way for me and my small family to hide?

My fam consists of me, mom and dad. We live in a 3-story petite apartment. For protection, I suppose, in our apartment we got a marble table, some glass tables and wood tables. We've got a below-ground parking, and it's a very large space.

We also got a country house. There's nothing of protection... We got a plastic table and chairs. Not much furniture... Our backyard there consists of dirt and cement. It's kind of in construction still. Good thing is that we have a WIDE open air. However, wont the ground below us open and swallow us all? And what do you think about hiding below doorways? Open door, closed, hiding next to the doorway... Please explain how to do that.

Thanks to everyone!

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To hide from what?

"wont the ground below us open and swallow us all? "

No it won't.