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Question about absolute uncertainty real quick, help PLZ?
How do you set the controls for the heart of the sun?!?
What is the electric field strength?
What is definition of geographic location?
Is Yugoslavia still a country/nation?
What is a distance that is 100 km?
Ecuador weather/climate?
where is a rivers, river basins catchment area?
Why is this statement not a good definition:?
solve by using substitution!!!?
physics help please urgent....?
calculate the atomic weight?
solve for x: ln(x) + ln(x-3) = 0?
easy 10 pts! simple physics questions for extra credit?!?
Physics question, what did I do wrong?
Find the area of a circle with a diameter of 22 centimeters.?
Simple math question...?
Area and Perimeter!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you tell if data is continous or discrete?
For what value of the constant c is the function f continuous on (-infinity, infinity)?
i am trying to add integers??
Why was The Kosciusko National park created?
Volume and Surface Area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Distance and time in which a collision will occur. Please help me solve! 10 points for best answer!?
physicsssssssssssss stuff?
Complex! please help! acceleration, velocity, and position. Please Help me set up and solve! 10 points awaits!?
Is this equation linear?
Find the distance between the points to the nearest tenth A (-1, -2) B (1, 2)?
Vector Problem! Help ASAP!?
Kazakhstan Geography, what are the mountains sourrounding Almaty called?
were people that were on the top floor able to escape from the second tower b 4 the 2nd plane crashed into it?
Help me with these logic problems!?
Motion Question - Year 12 Physics Discussion?
Determine X AND Y intercepts for following linear equation?
What is the speed of a 1.2 kg block after the spring is released?
perform the indicated operation n^2+5n+4/2n^2+2n times n^2-n-12/n^2-16?
Calculate the total electric flux which goes out through the pyramid’s four slanted sur- faces. Answer in unit?
Find the coordinates of a circle with the diameter QR?
Instantaneous velocity? can you give me an idea what the answer is?
AHH I can't do this freaking out, on verge of crying. h=vt-5t^2 for v?
any ideas calc help????
A point charge of 3.0 10-9 C is located...physics question!?
Is there anyway to create a time machine?
can someone please help me with this problem i seem to keep using the wrong equation?
please and thank you!!!write the following quadratic function in vertex form y=-5/6x^2 - 5x + 1/4 please a?
math help! please!!?
I'm studying physics at school. I don't understand the trigonometric component of it at all (and I do maths!)?
Where do most people in Peru live? (near coastline, a river, in the mountain) Please help!?
what is .111111111111 * 9?
PHYSICS HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
would the meissner effect still work if it was upside down?
Quick Algebra 2 question plz??
could someone help find derivative of this?
I am having a real hard time finding the answer?
What is the acceleration of a vehicle that changes its velocity from 75 km/h to a dead stop in 8 s?
What is the velocity of an object dropped from a height of 330 m when it hits the ground?
best material for Static Electricity?
More physics help!!!?
Trig help?