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what is the minimum and maximum package of salary that we get after pursuing engineering engineering?

that too from a private college...

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There is no minimum or maximum whatsoever. But for a general idea, it's important to know what engineering discipline you're in, whether you plan to pursue a Master's, and where you live and where you would be willing to relocate to.

I had intended to go to grad school but turned it down because I got a job offer with Microsoft near Seattle -- I lived in Toronto, so that's a long move. That was 76000 USD per year, plus very generous benefits and 1000 shares signing bonus ($30/share). That is a relatively high salary for coming right out of school, and it's the highest starting salary of anybody I know personally (but I know people who tied it). Most of my friends and classmates who aren't doing grad school and are in computer-related fields have jobs for about 65000 Canadian dollars (a Canadian dollar is about 95 American cents) in the Toronto area, which is another high-price area. I have heard a lot of other engineers (acquaintances but not friends) talking about the upper 50000s.

I went for Engineering Science and concentrated on physics, but later on I took a lot of computer courses. Computer engineers get the highest salary right out of school, but everybody does okay. This is the University of Toronto, which is among the top schools in Canada and ranks among the very good American schools, so it might be like you.

Don't forget that in smaller, more rural areas a dollar stretches a lot further than it does in a city centre where you would be paid more. Don't forget either that you aren't guaranteed a job, a good job, or a job related to your field when you graduate.

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minimum is 0... maximum is anything/0... depends on talent...