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i really need help on these couple of question in my chemistry packet, thankyou!!!

1)which of the following atoms has valence electrons in it's d subshell?

A)Mg. B)Kr

C)Si. D)Ni

2)which of the following statements are true?

A)The lower the ionization energy ,the more reactive the nonmetal.

B)The greater the atomic radius ,the more reactive the nonmetal.

C)The greater the electronegativity ,the more reactive the nonmetal

D)The lower the electronegativity ,the more reactive the nonmetal.

3)in an experiment,it is discovered that an element has a very low first ionization energy and much larger second ionization energy.Of the following choices the element was most likely-

A)Ca. B)Na

C)Be. D)P

4)which of the following are most likely properties of a nonmetal?

A)high electronegativity in high ionization energy.

B)high electronegativity and low ionization energy.

C)Low electriconegativity and high ionization energy.

D)Low electronegativity and low ionization energy.

5)which of the following statements is true?

A)oxygen has a smaller electronegativity than carbon.

B)oxygen has a lower first ionization energy than carbon.

C)oxygen has a smaller atomic radius thing carbon.

D)oxygen has a smaller atomic weight than carbon.

6)an element has only two isotopes.One stable isotope is a mass number of 10 and the other has a mass number 11.Which of the following could be the atomic weight of the element?





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