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why are women offended when I state that they (as a race) suck at driving?

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  1. We're not a race, we are a gender. Invest in a dictionary.

  2. Because it is a stupid generalisation, there are bad male drivers and bad female drivers.

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It's offensive in the same way that you would be offended if someone told you that all men SUCK at asking for directions, among other things (ie: knowing the difference between race and gender).

Please don't generalize all women in one category - the idea of that in and of itself implies that you don't see women as individuals. THAT is what is insulting and offensive to me personally.

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I think you mean sex rather than race.

I suppose if I was a driver I might be offended, but as I am not I couldn't care less. Moreover, years of indoctrination by my husband have left me with the conviction that women are bad drivers as well.

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Because they, as a "race", do not. As individuals, many of them are more likely to get into accidents, but being cautious is not a bad things. More men could learn from them.

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ummm... because women aren't a race??? They are a GENDER.....lol