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What is Functionalist theory and how is it applicable in our society today?

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Functionalist theory is discovered by Durkheim and Parson. This theory focuses on social structure and working. Functionalist believes that the behaviour in society is structural. Durkheim and Parson analyse that the social structure is dominant and society runs like a circle. Things will go back around and stay stabled. The politics, economy, conflict in society and so on will reach to the climax (that means they will become more and more complex). However, when it reaches to the climax point then it will return to the start point which means the society maintains stabled. Even though the rich vs the poor, people still have their own behaviours like the employees will join union to fight for their rights and their benefits at work. Meanwhile, the employers try to apply to work joice law to fight against the workers. By the time, people sort out the arguments then the company will operate normally. The workers and owners will negotiate their conditions to each Other. Therefore people have expected solution. That is an example for functionalist theory.

So basically. this theory explain how society functions change depends on people behaviours and then return back to the start point.

Weakness: less of explanation regards on social classes, conflicts between members in society. Lack of analysing base on the tensions between social status

Strength: analyse clearly how behaviours affect social structure and how social changes or continues regards on behaviours.

Reference: hopefully it will help