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Toxicology anyone? Testing positive in urine test for Codeine ?

I need some major help, i am in a program where i get tested randomly for drugs, a month ago i tested positive for opiates then the confirmation came back for codeine and 3400 nanos...I DO NOT TAKE DRUGS!!! NO OPIATES and then about 2 weeks later same thing all over again except 6,400 nanos, OK WHY AND HOW IS THIS I TAKE NO DRUGS !! NONE!! I work as a kennel tech and do major cleaning with chlorine , bleach, give animals medications, I DONT EAT ANYTHING WITH POPPY SEEDS. This is VERY MIND BOGGLING!!! Please any help or suggestions as far as what i need to do , what kind of tests i need to get taken by a Dr. The tests that were taken were URINE, i am seeing a Dr, Monday to get blood tests or something to prove my innocence. Please anyone help and suggestions are needed!

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If you don't take anything with codeine in it, then it's one of three things.

  1. Their test is poor and they don't use any confirmation testing with alternative methods.

  2. Their cut off for detection is too low.

  3. You take/took another medication or something that is giving a false-positive.