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Geology Activities That I can do?

So I love love love geology! Unfortunately for me the university I am attending will not let me minor in geology unless I am a Science major. I am a history major! I personally think the two go great together. Seeing as how I love love love history and have no intention on changing my major as i enter my junior year, what else can I do to keep geology a part of my life. I don't know what kind of things I could involve myself in that pertain to geology. I saw some geologists in the section and would love advice.

Thank you from the girl who stood at the base of a volcano on a trip this summer and started picking up rocks and identifying them. :)

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Your city might have a rock and mineral club or fossil club or a paleontological society or some such organization.

You are right, geology is wonderful! I love it to pieces. I started out in college in engineering and it really bummed me, but when I started taking other courses I found geology and it was just exactly what I wanted.

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You can learn some geology on your own. You can probably take some beginner courses in geology to get started. In the mean time Join clubs, Start your own rock and gem collection. Lean how to identify rocks and the geology that produces them.