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Is it called flirting when a guy that works with you but is about 10 years older and is married, acts like you are a stupid @ss and always picks on you and tells you dumb lies like... im gonna tell on you and your gonna get fired and stuff like that? He is flirtacious/mean/picky to me and nobody else. I work at a gym and he is a trainer and my racq. coach. He teases me all the time, telling me I have to do pushups if I lose the game and sometimes stands way too close to me. I dont really understand him at all. I am the only one out of all the girls that work at the front desk that he picks on like that.

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It's time to take the bull by the horns and confront this clown. Most likely he'll fold like a house of cards and never bother you again.

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he could like you

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He sounds like a douchebag. If you don't like it, tell him to knock it off and go back to his wife. No woman deserves to be treated like that in a 'funny' way.

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weird way of doin it..but he's flirting