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Why does he act like this?

ok well i work at a gym and i take racquetball there through my college and my instructor also works at the gym as a trainer also. I am friends with his wfe b/c she was one of my past college teachers. Well today after he got finished training one of his clients, he came over to the front desk where i work and asked me if i paged him over the intercom while he was training and i told him no, b/c i didnt..and he said yes you did! but i kept telling him i didnt and that he was hearing things and then he was walking off and said you should learnto do your job right..I am pretty sure he was joking w/me tho. He rides my *** about things sometimes and he isn't even my boss, just my instructor and friends husband. Oh and he always picks on me in racq. class and tests my skills first out of the others in the class, which i am the only girl. When he walks by the front desk sometimes, i will be looking at him and he will make that face where it looks like hes trying not to smile.

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I think he is checkin you out.