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For women who believe life does not begin at conception.?

If you are an individual who believes life does not begin at conception. Should a person be charged for murder if that person causes the death of a fetus. For example, a pregnant woman's unborn baby is shot by a gun man during a robbery.

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'life' begins when the zygote starts dividing to become a blastocyte, i.e. a mass of undifferentiated cells, but it's not yet a human baby until full brain development leads to consciousness. I agree with the answer that says DEATH of a human is defined as the brain stops functioning at a human being level (not just animal impulses) - therefore life does NOT begin until the HUMAN part is formed and consciousness/personhood arrives in the fetus.

It is the WOMAN's property until that time and it is her decision as to what happens to it. NO a person should NOT be charged with murder if he/she deliberately kills the fetus...but he/she should be charged with attempted murder or murder if he harms the woman or kills her with intent to kill.

I am grateful to live the USA where I am not forced to believe in other peoples' religions.

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Life does begin at conception, but this in itself is not a moral conundrum. There is no law that prohibits the destruction of life. All of us do it every day. However, there are laws that prohibit the destruction of humanity, and in my opinion, humanity does not start at conception.

Certainly a violent act that terminates a woman's pregnancy against her will should be prosecuted, but not as murder.

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Historically. when I have heard of a murder or even involuntary murder of a pregnant woman, the crime is considered more heinous.. or the loss greater.. I believe that it would have bearing and an effect on a jury, in a trial. Thus the person who commits such a crime would be charged for the unborn life that they took.

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The definition of dead in every state of the union is when the brain is not functioning as a brain.

If this is true, and no "pro lifer" disputes this, then life could not begin until the brain is functioning as a brain.

Before this point it is not murder in my opinion. afterrwards it is.