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Why don't real feminists ever speak out against so-called gender feminists, and the radical man-hating groups?

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They do. The word "radical" basically sums it up. There's no chance you are going to change their mind. Radicals give any belief that may have a bad name, and it's a shame some "radical" people feel the need to ruin it for the somewhat sane ones.

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No need to. You'll know a person by the way they deal with those whose

opinions differ from theirs. So called "man-haters" have often been victimized by men. "Gender feminists" are often women who are highly competitive by nature. Why would I want to verbally fight these women

when I could sit down and talk to them, instead of putting them on the defensive? It just seems to me, that as a woman, I would be able to better

be in a position of influence by talking to another woman, instead of challenging her on a belief that she feels strongly about.