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Is it safe to start taking antidepressants (first time) on a school day?

I've been prescribed 10mg fluoxitine (aka prozac) for anxiety & I'm supposed to start it on Wednesday, but I'm worried about not knowing how it could affect me at school. Would it be better to wait til Friday when I'm staying home??

I'm scared about starting!!!

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You should take it as directed by your doctor.

If you're starting it and taking it regularly, you will still have it in your system when you're at school next week, whatever you do. So there is likely nothing to gain by waiting, although you can check with the doctor if you're concerned.

If taken appropriately with due medical supervision, then antidepressants are not particularly dangerous, although obviously report any side effects or concerns to your doctor.

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They wouldn't of given it to you of it wasn't safe to take during school. I started my meds it was a Monday and it went fine. Good luck!

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you should be fine, your doctor wouldnt let you take it if it wasnt