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Need help with a high school physics question!!?

The froghopper Philaenus spumarius is supposedly the best jumper in the animal kingdom. To start a jump, this insect can accelerate at 4.00 km/s2 over a distance of 2.0 mm as it straightens its specially designed "jumping legs."

What is the upward velocity with which the insect takes off?

In what time interval does it reach this velocity?

(c) How high would the insect jump if air resistance were negligible? The actual height it reaches is about 70 cm, so air resistance must be a noticeable force on the leaping froghopper.

My four equations are Vf= Vi + AT ... Xf = Xi + .5(Vi+Vf)T ... Xf=Xi+ViT+.5AT^2 ... Vf=Vi^2+2a(Xf-Xi)

This is the last HW question I have and I can't figure it out. Please explain it because I need it for the test on Wednesday. Thank you!!

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