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I need help with Algebra (Factoring Trinomials)?

OK, I really need an easy way to do this, because I'm very confused on how it's suppose to work.

One math problem

4b^2 - 22b + 10

now i have the answer, I'm just confused as to how to get it.

2(2b - 1)(b - 5)

I need help big time, because I have been working on this homework for 2 days now and it's on 19 problems and I'm still not getting it. Someone please help me.

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firstly you take out the common factor of all three terms (the thing that divides by a aspects of equation) - in this case it is 2. so divide everything by 2 to get 2(2b^2-11b+5).

next you leave the 2 that you have already factored out and focus on the 2b^2-11b+5.

you factorises this to get (2b-1)(b-5)

finally you put the 2 back at the front of the equation to get 2(2b-1)(b-5)

hope this helps :)

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1.) Find the greatest common factor.

-which would be 2.

2.)Divide everything by 2


3.)Factor out (2b-11b+5)

-you have to guess a little.

-then you get

(2b+1) (1-5)

4.)Just place the 2 in front of that and your done.


Reference: I took Algebra 2 Honors last year.