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Who thinks Capitalism is a foolish system?

The whole idea of capitalism is that the free market chooses what stays and what goes. Private interest groups are keeping crap on the market that no one wants, but are forced to buy. Like gasoline. What is up with protecting stock investors? Corporations go fruit loops and do highly unethical and sometimes illegal things to keep investors happy. What, 5 million in the bank isn't good enough, need more. Greed, greed, greed. To any who want to get lippy and say silly things like "well then leave if you don't like it". Know this, your tax dollars are supporting a system that is CRUSHING you and your family. No wonder the government never has to answer to anything when its citizens brawl each other. When are we going to be on the same page people. America bends over backwards for a handful of wealthy and powerful people. DISGUSTING!

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I have sympathies with your arguments, and even agree with some of them. After having given much thought to the issue, I've come to realize that champions of unfettered capitalism do not know what they're truly talking about. Capitalism is not a "free" system, and even Adam Smith knew that (see "The Wealth of Nations" on monopolies, education of the working class, corporate greed, etc.). Capitalism is, as you stated, a system in which media, government, union, and big business magnates corruptively control the lives of the populace. United States capitalism is destroying the American working-class, the American family, and American culture.

That being said, I'm not in favour of state socialism either, and hope we can have a healthy disagreement in this regard. While I am an exponent of libertarian or anarchist socialism, I cannot bring myself to accept that government officials and union leaders have the public's best interests at heart. Most government officials and union leaders I've come across lack magnanimity, and are largely bureaucratic toadies.

Do not get me wrong - capitalism has its merits. It promotes creativity, hard work, and progress if used properly. Yet its excesses include a wide gap between rich and poor, a more volatile business cycle, and promotion of corporate special interests over people interests.