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what is anthropometric history?
what plants are unique to Greenland?
did a Crimean Goth community exist until the fairly recent past?
what is the sea of buckthorn plant?
who are the Totonac people;what is Danza de los Voladores?
can someone tell about the Chinese goddess Nuwa and rainbows;an anthropology question?
What is Nat worship in Myanmar?
what is Bulluan in regard to stone artifacts?
What is Tivoli gardens in Scandinavia?
what is Roza Bal in Kashmir;explain?
what is the 2001 documentary from the B.B. C called Blood of the Vikings?
is quantum entanglement involved with photosynthesis?
Who are the Volga Germans;explain?
What is social engineering in political science?
What is the Australian paradox in regard to human nutrition by professor Jennie Brand-Miller and Alan Barclay?
who are the Zuni Native Americans?
who are the Kyrgyz people;what is their culture?
What is Arab-Norman-Byzantine culture?
what is some data about Kho people and Kalash people following an ancient form of Hinduism?
what was the work of activist Harry Daniels in the Metis community?
What is the rare blood group shared by the Tenganan people of Bali and a village in south India?
what Roman relics have been found in Indonesia;presumably from trade?
What was cultural interactions between Ancient Egypt and Axum?
What is La Milpa in agriculture?
What is the copiale cypher in the science of cryptography?
can someone tell me about agriculture in Morocco and Mauritania?
How can the ideas about crystals presented in the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve be useful to science?
have scientists at Yale created a laser that absorbs light instead of emitting it?
What is a good definition of measure theory in mathematics?
what is magsail;explain?
How might the X17 particle be a sign that a fifth fundamental force of nature exists?
Why do ice skaters bring in their arms when spinning?
How could a technician create a circuit with alternating current magnetism?
What has Michio Kaku said about the possibility of the multiverse?
what is a lithoautotroph?
can an atom or even a molecule be virtual?
what are some metals with plastic like qualities?
What is some information about scientific research into incorporeal states of matter?
what is a dilatino in physics?
how is maize used in food in Mexico?
what is an atatl;primitive weapon used by early man?
what are the natural resources of Uzbekistan?
can certain forms of sonoluminescence be linked to (or related to) Hawking radiation?
what scientific discoveries have been made with an electron microscope?
can ultraviolet light accelerate the growth of certain types of crystals?
What is Barsom in Zoroastrian cultue?
What is the neutrino theory of light?
who are the Crimean Goths;explain?
are there any plants that bloom in the winter in northern climates?
what are some man-made lakes?
How are Fibonacci numbers related to bee genealogies?
what is an electron hole, and their use?
is there a machine to detect fluctuations in gravity?
What are the Koro and Aka languages of India?
does the Higgs' boson have imaginary mass (imaginary number for mass);is the Higgs Boson a tachyon?
what are some steps to determine if a mirror is a two way mirror or one-way-mirror?
are there any animals that emit ions?
What is the witch of agnesi curve?
how can humans harness the rotational energy of the Earth?
What is retrodiction in science?