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Where do the water droplets on the floor come from ?

The situation is like this, I am living in a single room and when I wasn't there for one or two days, there would be water droplets appearing on the floor, sometimes there might be some mold-like kind of stuff too.

I do constantly wash the floor.

My room is facing south and it's quite humid here. I am not sure if they are the main reason, but It is weird, because such a thing just won't happen when I was using the room.

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I had the same issue in my staircase, and it bugged me for months. Eventually I realized that the ceiling in the staircase is isolated, except for the area around integrated spotlights. When the spots are not lit, they can get colder than the room, so that the humidity in the room condensates on the armature.

Of course, this happens in my house in winter, when it is cold in the attic and warm in the house. Is it possible that the space above your ceiling is colder than the room?

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condensation is happening, water vapour becomes water, and it sounds like your room has the right conditions for that to happen.