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Is abortion addressed in high school sex education classes?

Do they go over the pro-choice and the pro-life stances.

Do they show videos and pictures of aborted babies? If not, do you think they should? You aren't pressuring already pregnant girls to make a decision... it is educating them about what abortion is and then letting them make their decision, right?

I also think it would reinforce the use of protection and/or abstinence.

They show videos/pics of car accidents in driver's ed so why not?

Oh, and of course there would have to be parental consent...

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1st, thank you gugug. You are right abortion is not legal, the crack head judges in roe v wade made a horrible mistake and should be imprisoned for the millions of deaths they have caused.


On to the question. I wish they'd show the silent scream video of an actual abortion. Instead what I got in HS was a smiling girl saying she wants an abortion, followed 2 other smiling girls one saying adoption the other saying keep the kid.

Heck not just the silent scream video but, how about what it actually does to woman's body after-wards or better yet her mind. PASS for instance aka post abortion stress syndrome. Which can cause a great deal of things and has often led to suicidal thoughts as well as attempted and successful suicides.

But, that'll never happen cause the pro aborts are too loud and abnoxious. I've read they even had junior high students tour a planned parenthood. WITHOUT parental consent. I bet a lot of those parents were pissed.

Reference: google it. i'm to lazy.

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No, it was never addressed when I was in high school, but I think it should be. Yes, they should show pictures and/or describe the abortion process. A lot of young girls who claim to be pro-choice don't really understand what an abortion actually entails. It's sad that this controversial issue is so prevalent not only in politics but in every day conversations, but many people don't really understand how it is done or any of the effects.