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why do hispanics laugh when I speak spanish?

hey guys.. my friend is a spanish minor.. and she tries to speak spanish to some of the native speakers, so that way she would feel more comfortable speaking it.. but she told me that everytime she speaks it they laugh at her.. she says it's because she's black.. but she know that there not laughing at her in a mean way.. they kinda laugh because they are shocked.. right?? is there a way to help her not feel dumb?? thanks

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I dont know why they laugh, because she is black? I dont think so

is there a way to help her not feel dumb?

R = Yes there is, She should not talk with that people anymore, She should try with different people.

I like that english speakers try to talk to me in spanish

I like to talk in english while I am amoung english speakers

She should keep trying, if the people laugh, she is not the dumb, but they.

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we as Hispanics, think is AMAZING when someone from another culture speaks spanish. When they laugh they don't mean it in a bad way, they laugh because they like it or because they think is cute. You see, we have a weird thing that when something is cool or cute or nice and we like it we tend to laugh, that's like a sign that we like it, and I'm saying this because i do it myself.so maybe people find her fascinating speaking spanish!!

Tell her not to feel bad when they laugh at her, because when ever she speaks spanish to a hispanic and they have a smile on their face that is a great sign!!


Reference: I'm Hispanic!! =D

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Perhaps she is getting some of the pronunciation wrong.