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GWS Men: Do you someimes avoid speaking candidly so as not to squander your goodwill with women in GWS?

This was inspired by comment from the esteemed Gnu Sense.

Even I, at times temper my words in an effort to not get the women to turn on me.

I'm now wondering if,

1) besides Gnu Sense and myself, there are other men who do the same, and

2) are women more or less likely to engage in the same behavior. Do they cage their words, or do they tell it like it is?

If there is a difference between the two sexes in this respect, why or why not?

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My philosophy is this:

I speak my mind....I say what I mean, I mean what I say and I try not to say it meanly.

I've learned that there are people who will misinterpret whatever is said as a matter of course. I am one of those people, from time to time. Many variables influence the effectiveness of communication.

I've also learned that I get to "take what I like and leave the rest" in any human interchange. I am not obligated to buy into your truth nor will I force mine onto you.

There ARE times when it seems appropriate to cage my words. I must check my motives before I speak so as not to have to make amends later on.

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ahhhh trolly and gnu, I would NEVER ask, or want, you to side skirt the issues or "tip-toe" around me. In fact, I respect (and look forward) to your points of view. We NEED the opinion of level headed men in this forum to better our understanding and reach a level playing field for the genders.

This really makes me sad that the honest men on this forum have to watch there words around us ladies.

I for one, truly appreciate you guys!

EDIT: I would like to add (after my tear fest) that you are correct in saying, that a certain level of politeness should be show. Not only does this ensure your views to be understood, but it also shows that you have respect for a person or group of people.

I am a very direct and honest person, but in my forward ways I sometimes forget to be respectful of how a person might take my opinion. It’s hard to walk this fine line in cyber-land. So, I feel if you simply apply the respect (where do of course) you will be fine. imHo

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Yeah I watch what I say, if you say anything wrong on here it can be like throwing a piece of raw meat into a pool of piranha's at times, these women can be rough.