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genetics and evolution ?

i have a debate.

I'm pretty sure those two are related but I'm not good explaining,

okay here's his statement :

some people think genetics is part of evolution theory.

the law of genetics is a law. while evolution theory is still a theory. so its inappropriate for evolution to acquire genetics as part of him.

the key of evolution theory is 'new species'.

cross marriage won't create new species.

take a look from Mendel's experiment of cross marriage pea plant, it will never change the descendant other than pea plant, it won't be another species of plant.

so genetics broke evolution.

errr.. pls help..

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Genetics is solid evidence for evolution and shows the mechanisms by which it works.

Laws are parts of theories. The Law of Definite Proportions is part of atomic theory. Laws do not become theories.

Mendel showed how existing traits are segregated, not how new traits were generated. Other researchers have shown genetic mechanisms for new variations and the phenomenon has been observed.